Where Would We Be Without a Good Book

Sometimes I Just Read


I have an addiction. It I demanding, compulsive, and has had it’s razor sharp grip on my mind since I was 11. My name is Julie Sands and I am a book addict. Scoff if you will but any true reader can sympathize. As a professed book addict, I feel that I am qualified to write this blog to the public.apple-256261_640

I hope to keep you up to date on old and new books alike.

I live for fiction and scour all libraries within a 30 mile radius to my home as well as used bookstores, thrift shops (you would be amazed at what you can find sometimes), Amazon, and of course New book listings and stores.

When I was 11 I found my first used bookstore just 2 minute bicycle ride from my house. There I learned about the wonder of trade ins and the variety of books I had never seen before in my School Bookstore Days. I also learned the joys of trade-ins. Bring in books you have already read and then you get credit for new books. *Typical used bookstore trade-in credit gets you 50% off the already reduced purchase price. Sweet deal, I was in love.

It gets better. I learned that my parents and grandparents while adept at denying requests for money to get new toys or candy at the local market never thought to deny me money for books. Didn’t matter to them what I read, I was reading and that could only help me in school and later in life.

I remember a phase when I was about 12 where I worked my way or tried to through Shakepere and classics such as Moby Dick and Great Expectations. I didn’t understand most of it but later found it a bit easier.

Of course I soon worked my way into books I found much more fun. The genres seemed endless and I wanted to consume them all. Romance, Mystery, Horror, Thrillers, and on in on. Bookstores became my candy. And whatever money I made generally went to books and books. Some girls want more clothes I wanted more books, all of them.

When I was about 16 Barnes and Nobles were popping up all over with the required Starbucks inside to enhance the book buying experience. A weekly paycheck of $300 saw at least half to books. It would have been more but I had to make my own car payment and cover gas.